man-with-paper-bag-on-headIn a landmark case that was filed against a blogger in Great Britain, a British court ruled that there was no case for that blogger’s identity to remain anonymous. He worked a public servant on the police force, but operated a blog called Night stalker, chronicling the police injustices he was witnessing. The officer also criticized and ridiculed “a number of… Continue reading

fail-owned-appealing-sale-failHas there ever been a moment in your life when someone treated you unjustly? How about a major corporation? I'm willing to bet you have. There are times when we just get royally screwed. Intentionally or unintentionally, but it happens. (Image Source: Fail Blog)

The Story

adam-savage Adam Savage (see in… Continue reading
Instead of telling people about your product and/or services, you need to SHARE your product and/or services. This concept is a new concept, it's one of participation advertising. Youtube is losing money but companies that use it, are making money. Why? Simply because they aren't participating with their users, they are being intrusive with their ads and not giving us choices nor options. But the companies that post videos, they get comments, they allow their (smaller) visitors to interact with their message. Continue reading
evolution-of-man-creationYour scared. You resist change. You don't even know what "Business Evolution" is. Well, regardless of what you believe about the Creation vs. Evolution debate, business evolution is a current reality. (Photo Credit: Practical Owl) What is it, Joshua? Business evolution is the culture in which all businesses exist. It is survival of the fittest, evolve or die… Continue reading
(Image Source: Law_Keven) The web is young, it's been public for only 20 years. Due to the business opportunities it's created (solid user base) it's a breeding ground for innovations to reach those users in a more effective fashion. Those innovations (browsers, search, and soon mobile phone/computers) have made business profitable and changed the dynamics of the way business is done. The innovations have cultivated an environment on… Continue reading
Holy cow! Out of all the latest and "greatest" launches this one seems to be huge (I know it hasn't "officially" launched but still). Now, this is yet another PR stunt by Google to squash it's competition (Google launches this new product, the same day Microsoft announces Bing as it's new search engine, etc).Google Wave Logo I'm not a blind… Continue reading
Some information about Search Engine Market Share: Microsoft has been hovering at a 9% market share of search queries. Yahoo around 20% and Google 60-70% of the market share. Also, in some countries Google has a massive monopoly of 90% market share. Yahoo has 80-90% share in Japan but is continually 20% throughout the world. Google has commanded the majority of the search engine market share for 7 years and… Continue reading

Does your SEO have Swine Flu?

27 Apr 2009 In: Search Engine Optimization
All the major media networks are covering the Swine Flu like it's the next bubonic plague. It's sickening. Not only that; people are talking out it like it's a legit reason to worry. The truth is you have a 1 in 7.6 million chance to catch this type of flu (as of this post only 40 cases in the USA). You have a better chance… Continue reading

Please! Help me decide on music for our videos and WIN!

11 Mar 2009 In: Exit9 News
First off, I'd like to thank you for coming here! I really appreciate your interest in helping me decide this. We have some great things planned in the coming weeks and we're trying to decide on an 'intro' and 'out-tro' for a video series (and all videos we do). I personally covet the blues. Southern blues. Mississippi Delta Blues. =) I'm thinking something semi-upbeat, southern blues for the videos. This is where you… Continue reading

Take a break and play a free online game

4 Mar 2009 In: Self Management
Life gets busy sometimes. We forget to have fun, rest, relax, and just enjoy life. At least I do. So, I want to encourage you to do what I tend to forget. Take a break and play some online games. On me. :) From religious scripture to science, both resound with one voice, take a break! Funny thing is one of my workers told me this. Haha. I've… Continue reading

Facebook makes some additions to my News Feed

25 Feb 2009 In: Social Media
I'm just like a majority of the web. Addicted to Facebook, checking it once a day to see what my friends are doing. Poking people. Watching funny videos about poking people. Sometimes Facebook makes subtle changes and I never heard anyone reporting the additions. So, I'll try to update everyone on any changes I see from now on. :) In my news feed I see a research poll. "Flyers… Continue reading
Whether you’ve already hired someone to optimize your site or are considering doing so, trying to discern whether or not they actually know anything about SEO can be rather intimidating.  Assessing the competence of SEOs is often like trying to figure out whether or not a doctor actually knows anything about the field of medicine before becoming a malpractice victim. Scams abound in the SEO industry and snake oil salesmen are common. Even companie like paypal and other processors dont accept seo companies as merchants do to frequent disputes and chargeback issues. … Continue reading
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