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Ever since the big launch of Bing, I’ve changed my default search engine (in Firefox) to Bing. I’ve used it on a daily basis. There are many disadvantages/advantages to using Bing (I’ll highlight them later in a later blog post) but not returning an accurate result for something that has a lot of online buzz is just unacceptable.

The Story

Right now, Izeafest is going on but for those who don’t have the privilege of being there, the organizers of the festival made a Ustream channel.

I originally heard about the live stream via Twitter, so I went to Bing and searched. This is what Bing showed me. (Click on the 1st image for a larger view of Bing SERPs)

bing results izeafest ustream 300x135 Bing SERPs Vs. Google SERPs | Bing Sucks | Izeafest

I was very frustrated. So, I went to Google. Google showed me a much more desirable result. (Click on the 2nd image for a larger view of Google SERPs)

google results izeafest ustream 300x167 Bing SERPs Vs. Google SERPs | Bing Sucks | Izeafest

Bam. Found it. Simple as that. Google understands the intent slightly better than Bing. Although I typed “ustreamtv” instead of “ustream tv” Google showed me to the correct place.

The space is very important. Bing needs to learn the intent of the searcher better. It’s behind about 5 years of data. That’s like light-years in the tech world.

I wish Bing the best of luck but come on. You can do better than that.