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Welcome back!Someone tweeted this and I had to make a post on this, it’s just hilarious. The Simpsons and their play on Steve Jobs and Apple called Steve Mobs and Mapple. Take 7 minutes and have a laugh!
Postscript: The Simpsons pulled DMCA on Youtube and took the video off. So, here is hulu’s counter part. [...]

These 5 videos are amazingly funny. Take the time to watch them all, it only takes about half an hour. It covers G Maps, Google Moon, My Maps, Google SMS, and Google Mobile. Just some quality funny stuff done by the Vacationeers.
Google Maps staulks you.

Google Moon, Hoax, FBI comes after you

Google My Maps, Caught girl [...]

Dave Snyder, of Snydey Sense, created this great video called “Manly Man’s SEO in a Box”. This video breaks down how to do SEO. All the tools you need are in this box, I already bought 5,000 boxes for my clients. The results we saw so far have been amazing, over 20 billion page views. :)

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