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At the end of the day, I’m not a scientist, I’ve never taken a science class more advanced than ‘Earth Space Science’ in the 9th grade (blame Florida school system, loopholes galore, high math grades meant I got [...]

Ever since the big launch of Bing, I’ve changed my default search engine (in Firefox) to Bing. I’ve used it on a daily basis. There are many disadvantages/advantages to using Bing (I’ll highlight them later in a later blog post) but not returning an accurate result for something that has a lot of online buzz [...]

Does your SEO have Swine Flu?

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All the major media networks are covering the Swine Flu like it’s the next bubonic plague. It’s sickening. Not only that; people are talking out it like it’s a legit reason to worry.
The truth is you have a 1 in 7.6 million chance to catch this type of flu (as of this post only 40 [...]

Whether you’ve already hired someone to optimize your site or are considering doing so, trying to discern whether or not they actually know anything about SEO can be rather intimidating.  Assessing the competence of SEOs is often like trying to figure out whether or not a doctor actually knows anything about the field of medicine [...]

I overheard on Twitter from NewEdgeMedia(& Twitter Account) about an affiliate program. They said:
Want to earn 18% Commission on sales? Sign up for the Affiliate Program:
So I decided to check them out, as a company (which any smart affiliate would do). I wanted to know how big this company is, do they have [...]

Wow. This is more big news. Google launches it’s own guide to ‘SEO’. Wednesday (11/12/08) last week they wrote on their blog that there is too much information on the Web about SEO, so they decided to write a guide of ‘Best Practices’.

The guide can be downloaded (warning PDF) and it’s about 22 pages with plenty of pictures to understand these concepts fully. The guide starts out showing the difference between ‘paid’ and ‘organic’ search results. Paid are typically on the top and right of the search results and organic have #1, #2, etc on them (also the boxes with the Google Map is organic, Youtube videos, and Google Base in-between results are all ‘organic’). Sadly enough, Google doesn’t state that the results are blended with things other than webpages (video, products [Google base], books, locations of businesses, etc)

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