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Welcome back!I’ve noticed two changes and I haven’t seen any blog post or article about them. I could be seeing something that has been going on for a few weeks/month but to me, I think these are some amazing changes to both embedded YouTube videos and Google Image Search.
Below you’ll see the first change, that [...]

This is huge news, a professional organization of Search Marketers, will be ringing the bell at NASDAQ on December 1st, 2008. The organization is called SEMPO, Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, started around 2002. From their site they say their mission is:

SEMPO is a global non-profit organization serving the search engine marketing industry and marketing professionals engaged in it.

Microsoft is doing pretty good for itself, even in search. Although they are stuck back in the 1990’s of search technology, they are innovating and trying out new things. Currently based on a mix of studies, MSN + Live, Microsoft has 10% of the search market and are currently, the 3rd most used search engine, behind Yahoo and some un-known company named Oogle or something. :)

They have also been gaining influences and reach, in the search market, over the years. Yahoo is on a steady decline and Oogle :) is still increasing twice the rate of Microsoft.

I’ve known of Google’s New SearchWiki for about 3 months now but I only heard rumors of it within the Search Marketing Community. Now it’s apart of each and every user’s experience, that is logged into Google.

The SearchWiki is a default function and you can’t ‘opt-out’. You can ‘vote’ up and down for each result and also add comments. Comments are made public, so others will know you made a comment about whatever you comment about. There is no feature to comment anonymously. This could bring up issues to privacy.

Jim Boykin is the CEO of WeBuildPages, which houses about 50 employees. They are a company that is a SEO for SEO’s. Like I’ve heard of many big named SEO’s that outsource to WeBuildPages. In addition to this, Jim Boykin has been known for buying links publicly, yet that were under the radar, so even Matt Cutt’s can’t find them.

Later in other blog posts, he described how he was trying to be one step ahead of the search engines (i.e. Google) by buying links that completely pass through a Googler (an employee of Google) reviewing it. He used to buy banner ads and a text link, or switched it up but now he is throwing in the black hat. Don’t get me wrong, black hat isn’t bad, it’s just risky. Buying links is the way of the web but buying followed links is against Google’s TOS, therefore, labeled Black Hat SEO.

Of course, there are no analytics data that is perfect but saying something is free should give you red flags. Being affordable is a whole other story. :)

Google Analytics is a free site stats online application that thousand of webmasters use due to budget restraints. Some say their stats are down and out WRONG but uncovering the full of the story was from iMediaConnection. They stated Google willingly, after they bought Urchin, tried to fix a mistake but ended up keeping things the old/incorrect way. Incorrect meaning the stats you get from Google are WRONG. Yes, totally wrong. Purposefully wrong. It’s like asking a blind man to see through his left eyes, that’s just WRONG! (And cruel might I add :P).

Hot News: Jerry Yang, CEO, leaves Yahoo

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This just in. Jerry Yang, the co-creator of Yahoo!, is stepping down from CEO. He will be in his former position as Chief Yahoo! and continue being a board member. In his letter, he states ‘Yahoo has grown in the past 18 months’, and that he will remain with Yahoo in this transition process.

This is a shock folks. Yang finally leaves Yahoo as a CEO. Although he will assist in finding a new CEO, the Microsoft and Yahoo deal might be real! That’s right. I’m excited, Yahoo might become the powerful search engine it used to be. I used to use Yahoo all the time but now, I habitually use Google because it’s so much more relevant than Yahoo now. Yahoo servers up spammy results and if their not spammy, they are totally off in my request.

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