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At the end of the day, I’m not a scientist, I’ve never taken a science class more advanced than ‘Earth Space Science’ in the 9th grade (blame Florida school system, loopholes galore, high math grades meant I got [...]

Instead of telling people about your product and/or services, you need to SHARE your product and/or services. This concept is a new concept, it’s one of participation advertising. Youtube is losing money but companies that use it, are making money. Why? Simply because they aren’t participating with their users, they are being intrusive with their ads and not giving us choices nor options. But the companies that post videos, they get comments, they allow their (smaller) visitors to interact with their message.

Your scared. You resist change. You don’t even know what “Business Evolution” is. Well, regardless of what you believe about the Creation vs. Evolution debate, business evolution is a current reality. (Photo Credit: Practical Owl)
What is it, Joshua? Business evolution is the culture in which all businesses exist. It is survival of the fittest, evolve [...]

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The web is young, it’s been public for only 20 years. Due to the business opportunities it’s created (solid user base) it’s a breeding ground for innovations to reach those users in a more effective fashion. Those innovations (browsers, search, and soon mobile phone/computers) have made business profitable and changed the dynamics of [...]

Whether you’ve already hired someone to optimize your site or are considering doing so, trying to discern whether or not they actually know anything about SEO can be rather intimidating.  Assessing the competence of SEOs is often like trying to figure out whether or not a doctor actually knows anything about the field of medicine [...]

As many of you know, Twitter is one of the most powerful social networking tools out on the web and there are many other sites not directly affiliated with Twitter, but developed to use Twitter in even more powerful ways.
Take TweetGrid for example. allows a user to search contents of a Twitter message (tweet) [...]

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