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The Political Debate

At the end of the day, I’m not a scientist, I’ve never taken a science class more advanced than ‘Earth Space Science’ in the 9th grade (blame Florida school system, loopholes galore, high math grades meant I got to skip science classes). But I tend to be very logical in my thinking. I listen to both sides and ask questions to get the full context of each side and then weigh the consequences and options.

Shock: I’ve never even seen Al Gore’s movie. Mainly because Al Gore makes me fall asleep… Sorry but his monotone voice kills my attention span.

But I have listened. Listened to extremists on both sides. One side says Global Warming is man made (typically liberals) and the other side says the sun caused it (conservatives). I have no idea why things have been segmented that way (from my limited experience). Science is neither liberal nor conservative.

The global climate could be changing. I’ve heard, in the past, ‘experts’ said it was ‘global cooling’ then ‘global warming’ and now opinions have changed again…

Is the world warming? I’m not entirely sure.

But what I will say is this. We can’t afford to be wrong.

  • If the liberals are correct and we do nothing, the entire world goes up in flames.
  • If the conservatives are correct (sun causes the warming), well, we are SOL.
  • If they are both wrong and there isn’t warming happening and we do nothing, we’ll be fine.

Aside from your view on being green. It would best serve our future generations to try something. To be more efficient in our energy consumption.

Now, I hear many of my friends saying “this is not letting the free market yadda yadda”. Umm, please stop embracing money over people…just stop. What will happen worst case scenario if we just “let the free market do what it wants to do?” Your children and grandchildren will have no place live, their legacy will end and YOUR legacy will end.

To the other side of the aisle. There needs to be more compassion in communicating your beliefs because a truth told in anger is never received.

SEO Is Green

Let’s switch gears. Your budget as a business isn’t going to just invest into new technologies like Solar or Wind power unless your willing to lose the money. We are in a recession folks, very few people have extra money to burn. Even if you get government incentives. You’re looking at your bottom line. Is there an ROI on your money? This is the question you ask yourself as a business owner.

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As technology advances, being powered by Wind or Solar will be the route we all go because it will end up being the cheaper route. But right now, you’ll have to wait upward of 20 years to see a profit on buying solar panels or wind turbines. It’s just not rational for small businesses on a tight budget.

I propose that you, do your part, as a small business owner, stop spending your marketing budget in the Yellow Pages, billboards, magazines, and newspapers. Why? Because your not getting the ROI you deserve for your money and in spirit of October 15, 2009 (Blog Action Day) your spending your money on things that end up wasted and pollute our world.

Going digital will save thousands of dollars and keep our limited landfills clean of all that paper.

You can invest/market into radio and TV ads, which would be greener than paper, but you’ll achieve a greater ROI out of SEO, known as Search Engine Optimization.

Are you a lawyer in the New Jersey, Philly, Manhattan area? Are you showing up in Google for “tampa lawyer”? Well, for the same budget you’d spend on billboards around your city, you can show up for something that your target market wants. Instead of interrupting your target market, you’ll be drawing them in from showing up on the first page for what your target market searches. Showing up for keyword terms is called Search Engine Optimization.

Instead of wasting your money on ineffective marketing and polluting the environment, spend your money wisely with SEO. We can enhance your local visibility for starting at $300 (flat fee), which we’ve never seen less than a 10x ROI. Or we can customize a campaign for you starting at a few thousand dollars.

There are simple things you can do for your business, like enhancing your business listings, which we only charge $300 currently (as of the date of this post). We could charge you $5,000 for our local SEO campaign but 90% of businesses have no clue about SEO and the power it has for building revenue to your company. So, we have a simple idea. Prove to you the power of SEO and how you can maximize the power of your marketing budget. Give us a call at (727) 366-6474.