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Amazing huh? I think the main concept (excluding the self promo at the end) encapsulates how I view advertising and where it’s going. It’s not just about videos. It’s about content. What content? Your product and/or services.

Instead of telling people about your product and/or services, you need to SHARE your product and/or services. This concept is a new concept, it’s one of participation advertising. Youtube is losing money but companies that use it, are making money. Why? Simply because they (Youtube) aren’t participating with their users, they are being intrusive with their ads and not giving us choices nor options. But the companies that post videos, they get comments, they allow their (smaller) visitors to interact with their message.

Age Is A Factor

The older you get, the more difficult it is to change to new and innovative concepts. It’s not just because your “old”, on the contrary, it’s because your wise and you want to use what WORKS and your experience has shown that x, y, and z work very well. Why would you need to try A, B, and C? You don’t want to waste your time and money into a new medium that might not work. Guess what? Reports are showing that Social Media (participating in the conversation) has the highest ROI beating out every other form of new and traditional marketing. (I read an enterprise company say they see 615% ROI on Social Media. That should be enough to get your attention. :D I’ve also read other large companies touting some extremely high ROI’s… DO YOUR RESEARCH, you’ll be surprised on the findings!!)


You might be spending ~80%-100% of your marketing budget on traditional media (Direct Mail, Door Hangers, Telemarketing, etc) and your only getting ~10% average ROI for each campaign. I encourage you to experiment with 10-20% of your budget and migrate it to PPC, SEO, Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Video Marketing, Blogging, Networking Online, etc), Article Marketing, Webinars, White Papers, Sponsored Blogging (where you donate your product to a blogger and they review your product), etc. Take a small step. You’ll be surprised on the impact you’ll see. Ask a company [like us ;) ] for some consultation on strategies for your specific industry/business. Good luck and step out of the water!