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Have you ever had a ‘good’ idea that you wanted to sell? I’m sure we all have. But Michael Arrington acted on his idea and partnered with a hardware company, to create his ‘good’ idea. Only to see that hardware company steal his idea and bring it to market without him.

Michael is following through with legal action. So, he isn’t just whining, he’s serious, they stole his idea and are going to cut him entirely out of the picture.

If you buy the JooJoo, then your buying stolen property. What if I told you that the car your driving was stolen? That should change things.

Don’t buy it. Don’t buy it. Don’t buy it.

JooJoo is a stolen device. Outright stolen. By the time everything goes to court, you can have your hands on a device that was entirely stolen by Fusion Garage.

Take the higher road. Don’t steal it. Don’t pay for it.

And if your a blogger, link to this page with the following code (it will help aid the cause of trying to prevent the market from buying stolen property; click on the link below and copy that code onto your blog/website):

Click here

If you need additional context here is some:

Arrington provided office space for 6 months and “CrunchPad” is the owner to all it’s associated works

There is just no way to argue that TechCrunch is not the joint owner of all intellectual property of the CrunchPad, and outright owner of the CrunchPad trademark. The CEO of Fusion Garage has spent nearly six months this year working from Silicon Valley and our offices. Most of the Fusion Garage team has spent the last three months here working with our team on the project.

The investment of money by Arrington (when Fusion Garage/JooJoo couldn’t pay the bills)

We have also spent considerable amounts of money creating the device, paying the vendor and other bills that Fusion Garage wasn’t able to.

The last minute back-stab

Until November 17 we had every reason to believe that Fusion Garage was our trusted ally in creating the CrunchPad.

The last minute back-stab (cont.)

Raising funding for the project was a goal but wouldn’t have been necessary for some time; besides, we had U.S. investors lined up and ready to put money into the venture. Fusion Garage admitted to us on November 18 that the news of them pulling out of the partnership was “out of the blue.”

Arrington (the victim)’s thoughts on why legal action

There is quite simply no way we will allow this company to move forward on this project. The extent of their fraud is only now becoming clear to me. The audacity of their scheme is staggering.

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