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fail owned appealing sale fail 300x225 The Reason You Need To Use TwitterHas there ever been a moment in your life when someone treated you unjustly? How about a major corporation? I’m willing to bet you have. There are times when we just get royally screwed. Intentionally or unintentionally, but it happens. (Image Source: Fail Blog)

The Story

adam savage 150x150 The Reason You Need To Use Twitter Adam Savage (see in photo) is the Co-host of the show MythBusters on the Discovery Channel. He went on a vacation with his family, 5 days in Montreal, last month (in June 2009). Just like anyone else, he brought his cell phone and laptop with him with his mobile internet (you plug this into your laptop and you have the internet from wherever you are). He wanted to stay connected with other friends, who wouldn’t?

When he got back to the United States, AT&T turned OFF his cell phone and he finds out that he was slapped with a bill of $11,000 USD! How? With his Canadian roaming rates at $0.015 per kilobyte, he would have had to use about 750,000 kilobytes — or about 750 megabytes — worth of data transfers.

Adam thought this was totally off saying, “I have a hard time imagining that was the case…..[I surfed the web for] “[u]maybe two or three hours[/u]” [in total; not watching videos or looking at pictures.]……I feel like, quite honestly, it could be a missed decimal point.”

This is where Twitter comes in. He tweeted, “AT&T is attempting to charge me 11k for a few hours of web surfing in Canada.” [He had over 1,000 re-tweets/posts on twitter.] Guess what happened? AT&T took care of his issue.


You might not understand Twitter but it’s a nice Social Media website that shares information. If your receiving injustice from something/someone, build relationships on Twitter and ask for help. People will come to your aid. Just look at the Iranian outrage on Twitter. Create reputation management issue for the company/person that is screwing you over, I’m sure the issue will be resolved if that person/company is big enough.